PLC programming is of crucial importance in the development of an automation system.
The continuous evolution of these products and the need to integrate them into increasingly complex systems, makes the professionalism of companies with a solid experience necessary.
In our business we have used a wide range of PLCs: from small compact to medium and large power modules. AUTOMA IMPIANTI S.r.l. is able to design and develop supervision software based on customer specifications using all types of equipment available on the market.
Our technicians know how to support every mechanical company, supplying it with the design and construction of the electrical part and the supervision and control software for its machines or plants.
  • It is able to develop software for the following applications: Operator panels configuration;
  • SCADA supervision systems (MoviconX, WinCC flexible, Wondewrware) for monitoring production processes;
  • PLC assistance;
  • Application software and integration for control systems based on SIEMENS, Allen Bradley and other PLCs.


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VIA GRAMSCI 1330 - MARANO SUL PANARO (MO) ITALY - 41054 - TEL. +39 059 793883  CENTRALINO - FAX. +39 059 793883 - P.IVA E C.F. 03685480364 - -

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