AUTOMA IMPIANTI S.r.l. it also guarantees customers a 360-degree service, sending a team of home technicians who will take care of the wiring operations on board the machine for electrical panels and commissioning.
In addition, compared to the traditional processing at the customer's site, we also offer the possibility to carry out wiring at our premises with the possibility of testing on site.
In this way it is possible to evaluate with the customer the most advantageous solution for both: we will evaluate together the final cost / benefit ratios, taking into account the transport costs of the machines to be wired but also the technicians' movements, and the logistical advantages of having available a May work area.
As per our philosophy, we will choose the solution that guarantees the greatest benefits and the greatest mutual satisfaction.


VIA A. GRAMSCI 1330  - 41054 MARANO SUL PANARO (MO) ITALY - TEL. +39 059 793883  CENTRALINO - FAX. +39 059 793883

P.IVA e C.F. 03685480364

VIA GRAMSCI 1330 - MARANO SUL PANARO (MO) ITALY - 41054 - TEL. +39 059 793883  CENTRALINO - FAX. +39 059 793883 - P.IVA E C.F. 03685480364 - -

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